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The Hacker (France) @ DADA BEIJING

The Hacker (France)

Around the turn of the millennium, a mysterious French producer going by the name The Hacker (named after a Jeff Mills song) put out new music blending classic electro sounds with Detroit techno, 80s New Wave, and early rave music – a curious mix of dark sounds and tongue-in-cheek humor. He teamed up with singer Miss Kitten, got signed by DJ Hell’s label, and their sound of “electro-clash” went global and influenced club, indie,  and cutting-edge pop music for the decade. The Hacker is back, and we’re excited to host his first ever, and only, China appearance. Continue Reading

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HKD150 for 6 Craft Beers – Belgian Beer Battle

B is for Belgium. Apart from their stylistic diversity and originality, Belgian ales are most famous for their complexity and uniqueness in taste, which make the beers “taste Belgian”. In their February tasting, you can get a taste of the traditional Belgian styles as well as the new world’s take on this traditional delicacy. Continue Reading

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Space/Play Committee presents Marco Shuttle

Space, Play Committee presents Marco Shuttle

Marco Shuttle has developed a brand of cinematic techno that is unusually organic and textural, building pressure in subtle ways and capable of transporting listeners to lush, alien landscapes. His eclectic and cerebral sound takes cues from jazz and musique concrete as much as it does from acid house and Detroit techno. With a background in fashion, one can even sense the flows and forms of this world creeping into Shuttle’s tangible and detailed music. Continue Reading

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Answer Code Request @ The Shelter

Patrick Gräser was essentially a complete unknown when he released his Subway Into EP in 2011 under the Answer Code Request moniker. Having grown up in a small town in Brandenburg, the producer had been drawn to Berlin a decade earlier in the hopes that the German capital would help launch his career in electronic music. But it wasn’t until Subway Into, a four track exploration of ambient techno sounds on the Hard Wax label, that his talents really came to the fore. Continue Reading