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Top Shanghai Cycling Routes – Exploring Shanghai on Two Wheels

Top Shanghai Cycling Routes - Exploring Shanghai on Two Wheels

If you’re willing to brave the traffic and fumes of Shanghai, cycling can be a nifty way of getting around. If you enjoy cycling, exploration by bike is one of the best ways – it is cheap, healthy, and fun.

It’s time to stop your busy pace and hop on and see Shanghai from a different perspective.


Binjiang Avenue(滨江大道) – Nanjing Road(南京路) – People’s Square(人民广场) – Shanghai Old Street(上海老城厢) – Xintiandi(新天地) – Tianzifang(田子坊) – Old French Concession(老法租界)

Binjiang Avenue

Distance: 20 km
Duration: 3 hours
Highlights: Enjoy a beautiful blend of old and modern Shanghai.

Start this route from Binjiang Avenue in Pudong District. There is a special yacht dock on Huangpu River. Stop at the top of the beautiful lawn and take in the lovely view of the Bund. Walk back down to the dock, board a ferry boat for about RMB 2 per person with your bike to cross the river. Here you will see an area of Shanghai that is well-known for being constantly buzzing with activity, but also one of the best place for taking photos of tree-lines streets, the city’s beautiful architecture and quaint eateries.

Head west on Nanjing Dong Road and cycle straight ahead for about 1.5 kilometers to get to People’s Square. You can stop there to explore Shanghai Museum and the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall. Hop back onto your bike and pedal southwards to Xizang South Road, turn left at the 4th block down into Shanghai Old Street. There are a lot of traditional and ancient houses and many stalls selling souvenirs on the street.

Nanjing Road

Continue your tour to Xintiandi area by going west along Fuxing East Road and Fuxing Zhong Road which are connected by Xizang South Road. Xintiandi is a place where east meets west. There are many modern Western and Chinese restaurants and other spots for entertainment and shopping. It is also a gathering place of the traditional well-preserved architecture of Old Shanghai.

Go south from Madang Road and turn right onto Jianguo Road. Keep cycling ahead after crossing Chongqing South Road and then turn left when you see the Taikang Road sign. The next stop will be Tianzifang which covers 210 meters of the road. It consists of an old alley, lined with special stores, cafes and interesting places. Some people still live there, adding more vibrance to this new creative street.

Go along Taikang Lu to the north and then turn left. About 70 meters later, you will reach Jianguo Zhong Road by turning right. Cycling along for a few minutes, until you will the Old French Concession. This area is one of the oldest four French Concessions in China. Nowadays, there are many old buildings with different special designs which were preserved and also serves a good spot for enjoy a drink and to kick back after your cycling excursion.

Old French Concession


Antique Market on Dongtai Road(东台路古玩市场) – Shanghai Old Streets(上海老城厢) – Zhou Enlai’s Residence(周公馆) – Cite Bourgogne – Tianzifang(田子坊) – French Concession(法租界)

Antique Market on Dongtai Road

Distance: 15 km
Duration: 3 hours
Highlights: Flee from the bustling city to Old Shanghai.

This journey takes you from the Antique Market at the junction of Liuhe Road and Dongtai Road. The market is considered to be one of the ‘not-to-miss markets’ when shopping in Shanghai. You will then continue to cycle south to Shanghai Old Street for a closer look at Shanghai’s old buildings and plentiful cheap souvenirs stalls. Hop back on and continue from Xizang Zhong Road and turn left into Yan’an East Road; then turn right and head forth until you reach Henan South Road. Cross Ren’mian Road and you will see the City God Temple, also named Laochenghuang Miao.

Go Back from Henan Road to Renmin Road for the next stop Zhou Enlai’s Residence on Sinan Road. This is where the most famous Chinese premier once lived. Continue to cycle on Renmin Road and move straight ahead into Huaihai East Road.

Zhou Enlai's Residence

Cycle from Sinan Road and go back to Huanhai Zhong Road. In about 850 meters, turn left into Shaanxi South Road. Cycle straight ahead and in 1.1 kilometers, you will see Cite Bourgogne on the left – a rare sight of old Shanghainese buildings connected with buildings of French architecture.

From Shaanxi South Road and turn southward. A few minutes later turn left into Jianguo West Road which links with Jianguo Zhong Road. After cycling for 200 meters, you need to turn right into Taikang Road where Tianzifang will appear on the left.

Tianzifang is a wonderful collection of traditional Shanghainese buildings. From there you, head north from Tianzifang for a few minutes and then turn left and cycle for another 75 meters. Turn right and you will see the Shanghai French Concession. At the end of your 3 hour journey, seeing the French Concession area is a nice reward and an equally pleasing way to end of a cycling trip.



Century Park(世纪公园) – Laoshan Lu(崂山路) – Zhaojiabang Canal(肇嘉浜运河)

Century Park

Distance: 9 km
Time: 2 hours
Highlights: A comfortable route for cycling with pleasant scenery along the way.

Start from Century Park metro station and ride north on Haitong Road leading to Century Park. Cycle around the park and turn left into Fangdian Road. Cycle for about 1 km and then turn right without going crossing the bridge, but instead taking the path that leads to a beautiful canal. Within a very short distance, you need to turn left onto Laoshan Lu. Head north and you will reach a set of traffic lights, where you should then turn right into Jinxiu Road. Cross the bridge and turn right into Heisong Lu.

Cycle straight ahead and turn down into Jinqiao Road. Take a left on Zhaojiabang Canal, which is a pretty waterway with willows and a nice path. It also serves as a pleasant location for spring outings, picnics and fishing.


Longhua Cemetery of Revolutionary Martyrs(龙华烈士陵园) – Kangjianyuan Park(康健公园) – Guilin Park(桂林公园) – Tianlin Lu(田林路)

Longhua Cemetery of Revolutionary Martyrs

Distance: 15 km
Time: 2 hours
Highlights: Stop at several parks for viewing beautiful lotus gardens and golden osmanthus trees.

Kick off your Route 4 journey from Longhua Cemetery of Revolutionary Martyrs, which was once the site of the Kuomintang security headquarters. Now the area serves as a tranquil park beside the Longhua Temple and is also the resting place of more than 500 ‘revolutionaries’ who fought or died in the wars. The park inside contains many different kinds of peach trees planted across a massive lawn. Park your bike, take a stroll or simply sit somewhere and enjoy the scenery.

Kangjianyuan Park

From there you will continue southwest. Cross the bridge and then turn right onto Tianshui North Road. Ride along the street until you reach Guilin Road and Kanjianyuan Park. In the park, the buildings all have a strong Japanese influence and plants that grow there are mainly lotuses, peonies, osmanthus trees and cherry blossom trees, providing wonderful fragrances filling the air in spring. You will find Guilin Park to the right of Kanjianyuan Park, which is also worth a visit.

Cycle northwards along Guilin Road until you see the entrance of Tianlin Road. Go east on that road until you see a large market on the left side. Return by the same route or take a taxi back home if your legs decided that they had enough for one day.

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