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Pop Up Canada! in Macao 2016

Join them at Pop-Up Canada! in Macao! Modeled after the “pop-up store” concept, Pop-Up Canada! in Macao will give the Consulate General of Canada in Hong Kong and Macao a presence in Macao from February 22 to 24, 2016. Pop-Up Canada! in Macao will offer the public an opportunity to take part in several events and seminars on Canada, including talks on studying in Canada, immigration to Canada, Canadian tourism, trade, and investment. Continue Reading

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The Hacker (France) @ DADA BEIJING

The Hacker (France)

Around the turn of the millennium, a mysterious French producer going by the name The Hacker (named after a Jeff Mills song) put out new music blending classic electro sounds with Detroit techno, 80s New Wave, and early rave music – a curious mix of dark sounds and tongue-in-cheek humor. He teamed up with singer Miss Kitten, got signed by DJ Hell’s label, and their sound of “electro-clash” went global and influenced club, indie,  and cutting-edge pop music for the decade. The Hacker is back, and we’re excited to host his first ever, and only, China appearance. Continue Reading

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Where to Buy Imported Cheese in Shanghai

One of the great mysteries of expat life in Shanghai is where to find cheese. Some expats rely on expensive cheese sold in small delis in the French Concession or places like the deli at the Westin Hotel/Bund Center. Some rely on cheese sold at supermarkets such as Tesco, Metro, Carrefour, or City Shop. Laviezine goes on a taste test across the city to find the best stores, delis and online shops to buy imported cheeses in Shanghai. Continue Reading

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The Totally Insane NYC Dishes You Need to Try

Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to eat roasted guinea pig in Flushing, Queens. Oh, is that not how the Statue of Liberty poem goes? If you’ve exhausted your Seamless queue and Yelp recommendations, that means it’s time to venture outside of your comfort zone. Take a look at our list of the weirdest, craziest, most insane dishes in New York City, and gird your stomach. It’s going to be a mouthwatering ride. Continue Reading