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Where to Buy Imported Cheese in Shanghai

One of the great mysteries of expat life in Shanghai is where to find cheese. Some expats rely on expensive cheese sold in small delis in the French Concession or places like the deli at the Westin Hotel/Bund Center. Some rely on cheese sold at supermarkets such as Tesco, Metro, Carrefour, or City Shop. Laviezine goes on a taste test across the city to find the best stores, delis and online shops to buy imported cheeses in Shanghai. Continue Reading

DIRECTORY EVENTS Fashion & Shopping Guides & Services LIFE & STYLE Lifestyle Shops & Markets

SONNIEWING x Novelty Lane Handmade Leather Pop Up Event

SONNIEWING HANDMADE LEATHER was founded in Dec 2013. Each product have provided a unique color and very limited quantities. Get the Inspiration from the basic design elements – point, line, plane. And based on these three elements to developed the different geometric – triangle, rhombus, trapezoid, hexagon, etc. Then use a different kind of geometric patterns to create leather bags and accessories. Achieve my dreams – Make Your Life Colourful, Fun and Interesting. They will choose the colorful leather to made a different leather bags & accessories to create their personal style. Continue Reading