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The Hacker (France) @ DADA BEIJING

The Hacker (France)

Around the turn of the millennium, a mysterious French producer going by the name The Hacker (named after a Jeff Mills song) put out new music blending classic electro sounds with Detroit techno, 80s New Wave, and early rave music – a curious mix of dark sounds and tongue-in-cheek humor. He teamed up with singer Miss Kitten, got signed by DJ Hell’s label, and their sound of “electro-clash” went global and influenced club, indie,  and cutting-edge pop music for the decade. The Hacker is back, and we’re excited to host his first ever, and only, China appearance. Continue Reading

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HKD150 for 6 Craft Beers – Belgian Beer Battle

B is for Belgium. Apart from their stylistic diversity and originality, Belgian ales are most famous for their complexity and uniqueness in taste, which make the beers “taste Belgian”. In their February tasting, you can get a taste of the traditional Belgian styles as well as the new world’s take on this traditional delicacy. Continue Reading

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HKU Malaysian Cultural Night 2016

What is the first thing you think of when you hear of Malaysia? The Petronas Twin Towers? Mount Kinabalu? Durians? This year, they will show you a side of Malaysia that is found slightly off the beaten track – the “Kampung” side. Kampung, meaning village, in the Malay language is a traditional kind of homestead. Before the skyscrapers and brick walls came along, Kampungs were about the only form of housing back about 500 years ago. Think paddy fields, wooden houses and children running barefoot in the mud! Continue Reading

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Magnum Proudly Presents Loyalty Night

They sincerly want to say thank you for customer support all the way, to achieve their group to be the BEST entertainment in LKF. For all the success they have made together, they know It’s the time to pay back tonight, Magnum Club present you a loyalty card. Spend HKD6,900 to get HKD7,700 redeemable credit. How can you miss that. This night is the night for the loyalty customer. Special promotion only in limited offer. Come for the limited! Continue Reading